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Draw the cable plan


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Dear specialist,

please help me to plant/put the inverter on the plan and draw automatically the cable lines and distances from the inverter to the panel.

And will be great if I can plant also the Transformer box on the plan and automatically calculate the lenght of the cable.

Thank you in advance.

Codrin Somesan

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Hi Codrin,

As Martin I'm not sure that I understand you correctly but I'll give it a shot anyway.

As I understand it you want to place the inverter in the 3D Design and have PV*SOL calculate the cable length based on thee position of the inverter. This is not possible in PV*SOL as the buildings don't have an "inside" in 3D design.

When in 3D design - Cable plan you have to input the distance to the inverter from the "grommet" (the place in the roof where the cables will go down).




This basically only gives you the cable losses and the possibility to see cable length (including the cable length you input as distance from the grommet to the inverter)






If you want this information in the schematic you will have to input it yourself as far as I know.


Best regards

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I do not understand why the values calculated by PVSOL in Cable Plan step of the 3d design are not automatically transmitted to the Cable tap in the following tab in PVSOL. The software knows the absolute cummulative values (positive, negative, inverter...) but prtends to have no clue how long the actual cables should be and leaves it up to users to try to guess from the pictures (since there are no measurement options either). To me this is hard to understand why this is not already integrated in the system. Can I make a feature request for this to be included in the comming update? Even if the values where estimates (ofcourse real situation requires some overhead) it would be of great help. Now its just annoying and far from accurate to do this manually...

Thanks for the consideration


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Hi Michal,

you are right, the cable lengths from 3D are not adopted into the cabling section of the main software. Mostly, this is due to the higher degree of flexibility that you have on the 3D side. If you need the cable lengths for planning and simulation, I would recommend to input them in the cable page of the main software directly.

22 hours ago, michalmitro said:

Can I make a feature request for this to be included in the comming update?

Sure, thanks for the feedback. There have already been other customers who have requested this. But as we are redesigning the whole 3D environment from scratch right now, we probably won't update as much in the old version anymore.

Kind regards,


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