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Sketch-up model creating high shading


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I have imported a sketch-up model of a building into PVSOL Premium (latest release).

Nothing else in the model space i.e. other building, trees etc and showing as circa 50% shaded. Something is not right it should be <5%.



Anyone experienced this? 

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Hi all,

here is my reply from the other thread:


Dear SPsolar,

yes, we have news on this. We seem to have found a fix for all those issues of high shading values, which will be released with the upcoming PV*SOL premium 2022 R5. Right now we are in the testing phase. So it would be more than helpful if you (and other users reading this) could send us the models that are causing the high shading values.

The release is planned for this month already, so if you could send the files in the next days that would be really great. You can send them either here in the forum as rivate message, or to hotline@valentin-software.com, asking them to forward the files to me (Martin).

Thanks a lot for your patience and help, kind regards,



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Great thanks - I will send you the files via email.

Hopefully, the twin SolarEdge optimisers will also work! Currently I have to string in single optimisers for systems which is not accurate for systems using SE16K inverters and above.



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