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Incorrect Roof Texture


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I also have this issue. If I select it I end up with only one side textured (i.e. two elevations on one side and the other side defaults to "plaster"

The work around is to create two separate roofs, but it is more time consuming - is there a fix for this?



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Extract the building as a "hipped" or "tented" roof instead of a "gabled roof" to get unique  textures on each side, like this:



Note that the distortion isn't corrected well when doing this but it's better than no texture.


Also, in the case above I had this image originally:




Note the placement of the line in the middle that it is not center and that it follows the roof ridge to get the textures on each side as in the first image.

This will need to be corrected since both roofs are the same size but the angle makes the north seem larger.


Press the edit button while extracting the building and then center the shift of depth like so:



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