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New feed-in tariff for France Help me


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New feed-in tariff for France

The new feed-in tariff in France offers us a new salary bracket.

From 100 Kwc to 500 Kwc, the price and a level the remuneration in Kwh / Kwc and up to 1100 Kwh at 0.098 centimes then from 1100 to plus 0.04 centimes

example a solar power plant producing 1450 Kwh / Kwp will be renumbered 1100 Kwh at 0.098 then 350 Kwh / kwp at 0.04

Question I can not create the price on PV Sol can you help me.


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Hi Patrice,

the levels or zones in the tarriffs in PV*SOL can't be entered in kWh/kWp (or kWh/kWc in France), hence it would be necessary to enter the total kWh that these zones would refer to for your current PV system.

For example, if your PV system has 100 kWp (or kWc in France), you would enter the following:


So, for the first 1100 kWh of each of your installed kWp (kWc), you would get 0.098 €, and after that it is 0.04 €.

If your PV system has 250 kWp (kWc), you would have to enter 1100 * 250 = 275000 kWh:


Hope that helps, and I also hope that I did get your question right.

Kind regards,




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