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Problem with caltulation of shading of lower buildings

David Heneš

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I am contacting you with a specific problem for a project. This is a shading calculation for a project for installation of a photovoltaic power plant on the planned corridors. These corridors are lower than the surrounding buildings (the buildings are about 23 m high). According to our simulations of shading in the SKETCHUP, the shading of the panels is quite large, which is also confirmed by PV * SOL. The problem is that the actual calculation of panel shading does not enter to calculation, see the screenshot below.



As I have already mentioned, the surrounding buildings in the area reach a maximum height of 23 m and the shading is therefore large, as you can see in the attached pic below:




According to the result from the software,  the production from PV is unusually large (with installed 111.20 kWp, it is an annual production of 101,587 kWh / year)



The SOLAREDGE technology is used in the project, including optimeters, but according to our personal experience from real installations, we know that we are not even able to reach these values.

I would like to ask you for advice, where I am making a mistake, that no shading is included in the calculation and why PV * SOL does not even count it?

Thank you very much for your answer and I look forward to the arrival of a new contemporary 3D in November this year.

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Dear David,

regarding the shading calculation, please verify that the following option is checked:


If you enter the 3D environment and return to the main application, the calculation of the shadings should occur. Then you should also see the yield reduction due to shading in the results.

A specific annual yield of 913 kWh/kWp is nothing unusual for a PV system without shading (which is the case in your example where the shadows where not calculated).


and I look forward to the arrival of a new contemporary 3D in November this year.

:) We don't know where you read that, but to clear up misunderstandings: The new 3D environment will not be released November of this year, I am afraid. It was never planned to be released this year, so I am sorry if we were communicating that unprecisely earlier. 

Kind regards,


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