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Solar parameters

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To whom it may concern,

In output file(csv or excel) there are few irradiance values: Irradiance onto horizontal plane, Diffuse Irradiation onto Horizontal Plane, Global radiation - horizontal, Deviation from standard spectrum, Ground Reflection (Albedo), Global Radiation at the Module.

Which one of these are GHI(global horizontal irradiance), DHI(diffuse horizontal irradiance), DNI(direct normal irradiance)?

One more question. Does PV*SOL enable calculations of energy yield for short periods(week or weeks) and if i does, how to do it?

Best regards,


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Hello Faruk,

Irradiance onto horizontal plan maps to GHI, Diffuse Irradiation onto horizontal plane maps to DHI.

DNI is not exported with the default values, but you can get those values with a separate module area:


The simulation period is always one year. Shorter periods can be extracted from the exported results.

Best regards,

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