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  1. Faruk

    Net metering

    Hi Martin, Thank You for the information. Best regards, Faruk
  2. Faruk

    Net metering

    To whom it may concern, How to have situation where the surplus of PV energy does not go to the grid, but the loads are connected to the grid to be fed by the grid when there is no PV output? Best regards, Faruk
  3. Faruk

    Automate PV*SOL

    Hi Frederik, Thank You for the information. Best regards, Faruk
  4. Faruk

    Automate PV*SOL

    To whom it may concern, Is there any option to automate the data input process in PV*SOL in the program or with help of Python? Best regards, Faruk
  5. Faruk

    Weather data

    To whom it may concern, How to import custom weather data(for example: per hour)and in which form it should be in? Best regards, Faruk
  6. Faruk

    Solar parameters

    Hello Frederik, Thank You for Your answer. It has helped a lot. Best regards, Faruk
  7. Faruk

    Solar parameters

    To whom it may concern, In output file(csv or excel) there are few irradiance values: Irradiance onto horizontal plane, Diffuse Irradiation onto Horizontal Plane, Global radiation - horizontal, Deviation from standard spectrum, Ground Reflection (Albedo), Global Radiation at the Module. Which one of these are GHI(global horizontal irradiance), DHI(diffuse horizontal irradiance), DNI(direct normal irradiance)? One more question. Does PV*SOL enable calculations of energy yield for short periods(week or weeks) and if i does, how to do it? Best regards, Faruk
  8. Faruk

    PVSOL Student

    Hi Frederik, Thank You for informations. Best regards, Faruk
  9. Faruk

    PVSOL Student

    I am interested what is needed to obtain PVSOL Student version, because. On your page it says that we need:"current valid enrollment certificate", but whatrshould be the content of it. I am asking this because in one of responses you have said:"Yes, a picture/scan with all needed information (Name, Surname, major studies, period of semester, university and so on) will do fine.". What could else be in that "so on" part?
  10. Faruk

    Student license

    Dear Frederik, Thank You for informations. Best regards, Faruk Šehić
  11. Faruk

    Student license

    To whom it may concern, What is the procedure towards getting student version of PVSOL premium? I have found this link for that: https://valentin-software.com/en/sales/students/ , but I am interested if the valid enrollment certificate is the document issued by University and if it is, should we just take a picture of it? Best regards, Faruk Šehić
  12. Faruk


    Hi Frederik, Thank You for the informations. It is clear now. Best regards, Faruk
  13. Faruk


    Hi Frederik, In my trial version I can not change anything in battery details. Is that due to trial version or due to the example battery? Best regards, Faruk
  14. Faruk


    Hi, I am interested in how battery works in PVSOL, i.e. when is it charging, when is it discharging(in reference to time or pv energy available to load value at the same time), can we set the charge/discharge time etc. Best regards, Faruk
  15. Faruk

    Weather forecast

    Hi Frederik, What I am trying to develop is the use of forecast data to get forecast of PV energy output. Is it possible in PVSOL to check cloud coverage for certain area? Best regards, Faruk
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