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  1. Faruk


    Hi Frederik, Thank You for the informations. It is clear now. Best regards, Faruk
  2. Faruk


    Hi Frederik, In my trial version I can not change anything in battery details. Is that due to trial version or due to the example battery? Best regards, Faruk
  3. Faruk


    Hi, I am interested in how battery works in PVSOL, i.e. when is it charging, when is it discharging(in reference to time or pv energy available to load value at the same time), can we set the charge/discharge time etc. Best regards, Faruk
  4. Faruk

    Weather forecast

    Hi Frederik, What I am trying to develop is the use of forecast data to get forecast of PV energy output. Is it possible in PVSOL to check cloud coverage for certain area? Best regards, Faruk
  5. Faruk

    Weather forecast

    Hi, In YouTube tutorials I have seen you have been using recorded weather data. The thing that interests me is that if it is possible to input weather forecast data, and if it is possible, how should it be done. Best regards
  6. Faruk

    Horizon line

    Thank You for answering.
  7. Faruk

    Horizon line

    Hi, I am planning to order student version of your software for a research, so I started researching what could be done in PVSOL. Could you do some short video or a detailed written explanation on making horizon line in 3D?
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