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Why is it that when I add more collectors from a certain installed power, the energy for domestic hot water is less?

Santiago Fondoso

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Hello, thank you for your attention.

First of all I refer to the collectors as the solar energy collection panels. 

On the other hand, my question arises from the results obtained in different variables, done: keeping a number of systems (2), I am adding, in different variables, more collectors (panels) (20, 40, 80 and 162). For variable 1 (20 collectors) the energy given to the hot water system is 19443,44 kWh/year, for variable 2 (40 collectors) the energy given is 25675,71 kWh/year, then the energy starts to be lower! in variable 3 (80 collectors) 22579,54 kWh/year are given and finally in variable 4 (162 collectors) 21815,82 kWh/year are given to the mentioned system. 

Why is the energy lower when ONLY the number of collectors is increased? It should be clarified that this is the only data that varied in the mentioned variables. 

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Hello Santiago Fondoso,

what system do you use (A1, A2, ...)? I delivered energy depends on the temperatures in the tank and in the collectors. On the other hand you have more losses, if the temperature in the tank rises due to more collectors. 

Kind regards

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