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Optimizer - invalid calculation

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I have questions about optimizers.

Below screen of two sample configurations and pv energy balance. I think  configuration are exactly the same, so results should be the same.
However PVSol calculates it in other way. Diffrent is MPP maching. I don't understand why program thinks, that using optimizer casuses zero MPP lose in inverter, even they are not installed. The same, using for example only one optimizer making MPP maching zero lose. 


Second thing I noticed. 
In 3d project we can exactly point which pv module in string has a optimizer. Once time I set one optimizer with module, which can be shaded and second time with module sunny all time. The result was almost the same, what is completely not true in real.  The same, giving 1 or 2 optimizers in string  making no diffrence. 









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