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Error showing while importing .blender file into PVSol

Daniel Lizarazo

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Good day,

I'm currently using PVSol Premium 2021 (R4) trial version for a university assignment, and there's a hipped-roof building with a flat part at the top (as shown in the attachment) I need to model for the shading study, so I modeled it in Blender and I want to import it to PVSol. I deleted the camera and lighting objects and cleared all parentings, yet I still get the error message shown in the attachment, know what can I do to fix this? or how to extrude the roof of that building otherwise? I also attached the .blend file and the PVSol project.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Captura 2.PNG

Edificio objetivo.blend Examen On-Grid.pvprj

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Hi there,


today I stumbled upon the exact same issue.

I'm able to export an .obj file from Blender. I'm not an expert for that, but Blender only exports the .obj file but not an .mtl file or a file which contains the texture information. Meaning, it loads into PVSol as a blank white object, no textures.

When I save my object in Blender I get a .blend file. But that file fails to be uploaded into PVSol 3D whith the above mentioned error message:

Import failed: ...Expect at least one object with no parent.

I've tried different things with parenting and unparenting in Blender, no luck.


What is actually that c:\Jenkins\workspace .... suppose to mean? I have no Jenkins installed on my PC.


Any help appreciated.





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Hi, I got a bit further.

What I have now is the .obj, the .mtl and the Texture files in one common Folder. The map_Kd  in teh .mtl file is refering to the .exr file in the same folder. Meaning, PV*Sol should be able to find and import all needed files .... but doesn't.

Sometimes I get an error like "couldn't find XXX.exr file" even if it is in the same folder as printed in the error ....

Please help, I spend hours now to get this in, .....

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