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Consumer profiles from measured values


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Hi Reint,

the heat pump profiles were simulated with GeoT*SOL https://valentin-software.com/en/products/geotsol/

Those are more or less example profiles since it is impossible to pinpoint a certain use case.

In PV*SOL from version 2021 you can simulate an air heat pump as a new system type Thermal system. It uses the climate data from your actual location. We are planning to offer the possibility of creating your own heat pump or use existing heat pumps from our database.

I hope this helps. Best regards,

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Hi Frederik,

Thanks for your response. So there is no further information on which type of heat pump the data is based on? 

Furthermore, we discovered some discrepancies and odd patterns in the data.

If we add up all the hour values of the heat pump's consumption, it is 19457,3 kWh, while the total yearly consumption is only 3441 kWh. 

If we add up every 24 hours and plot these daily values, we also see something strange. There is a huge difference between some days in in January, for example (first image).

If we zoom in to the first week of January, we see an odd pattern (second image). During some hours, there is almost no consumption, while suddenly there is a peak of 10 (or more) kWh at 10:00, 19:00, and sometimes at 15:00. During the winter, we would expect a more flat pattern on average.  


image (2).png

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Hi Reint,

could you specify which exact profile did you choose? From the total value of 3441kWh I assume you chose the profile Heat pump system with heating and domestic hot water. This is preset to 3441kWh.

After exporting the values from the load profile and sum up the hourly values it results to that exact energy amount.


The second image you provided seems to show the baseload for heating plus short peaks for hot water.

What data did you use for your graphs? Could you provide a project file for further details?

The example profiles provided where added since customers asked for example profiles. Those are bound to one specific climate location and should not be used within your own projects.

I hope this helped to clarify some questions. Best regards,

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