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Hi everyonee,

has anyone managed to design off grid system using pvsol. I just cant choose right battery inverter and battery system. Is there any tutorial or webinar about offgrid pvsol systems. I hand calculated all what I need, but i just cant simulate or choose desired configuration. In the attachment you can see the tab that is bothering me.


Thanks in advance



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I got simulation error afterwards. I cant choose correct inverter and batteries and therefore I cant simulate it.

Here is what I calculated:

i need 6 330W panels.

battery capacity should be bigger than 250mAh with DoD 50%

i need two days of autonomy

in the summer daily consumption is 12kWh

irradiation is 1528 kWh/m2.

I will send you project privately.








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thank you for sending the project. The problem here is that in winter the consumption is way too high compared to the PV production. In January for example you have a consumption of around 250 kWh, but the PV production is only around 70 kWh. This won't work.

In order to be able to simulate and see how much consumption you can cover in which month, just set the check box for "Load Shedding" below the list of appliances:


Then you'll be able to simulate and see the results. The loads will always be switched off when there is not enough PV power.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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