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Calculation of modules on a roof


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Good evening dear developers,

Something funny happens in one of my projects, depending on how I select the modules on it the numbers don't seem to add up:

image.png.3125436a3c78e9b61715777c506df19e.png  image.png.b205bbdee568334b5e7376861b12f170.png


As you see in the first two images, if I add the modules it is 110+101 = 211 and if I add the kWp of both selections it is 30,80 + 30,30 = 61,1 kWp. This last number, however, is not the same as what I get when I select all 211 modules at once, as you see in the last image (that totals 59,08 kWp and not 61,1).

The top two blocks of modules (110 total, 280 Wp each) are a different model than the bottom three blocks (101 modules, 300 Wp each). When I perform the simulation PV*SOL believes it is actually a 61,1 kWp installation, which makes sense: 110*0.28 + 101*0.3 = 61,1 kWp. So why does it count 59,08 kWp when I select all the modules at once??

Thanks and regards,




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Hi Ricardo,

thanks for the project. These are two different module types and if you select all of them, the generator power is calculated from the total number of modules and the lower of the two module powers. This only affects the display, however, the correct generator power will be displayed during interconnection and after exiting 3D.

But I will set the issue on our list as it can easily confuse. Thanks for reporting!

Kind regards,


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