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Reference Edge of imported 3D model


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Hi all,

I have a question about defining a reference edge on a imported 3D model. I've replied to a topic in wich you suggested how to do this but that option is not available when I work with an imported 3D model. This reply is shown below and can be found at https://forum.valentin-software.com/topic/465-correct-angle-of-3d-extruded-map-building/:


Hi there,

I am wondering how you can define your reference edges? As you stated:


Note: if you work with reference edges, be sure to define your reference edge first before constructing other objects on the roof (or area).

I work a lot with 3D .dae models from sketchup. When I model a building in PVSOL, I have the option to define the reference edge. When I use the 3D model I don't see this option, and I am forced to wiggle about with the degrees of the orientation of the modules. Am I missing something here or can you please direct me into the right direction? Should I open a new topic for this, for possible future inquiries about this matter? 

Thank you in advance!


Since no reaction has been given yet, I'm opening this new topic. Please advise, it's not intuïtive nor efficiënt to haggel about with degrees. 

Thank you very much in advance and I hope to hear for you!


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Hi Benjamin,

very sorry for the super late reply. Somehow this post (and appearently another one for that topic) was forgotten. I spoke to my colleagues, and it is not possible to define a reference edge for imported models, I am afraid.

But we will put that on our feature request list.

Sorry again fot letting you wait so long, kind regards,


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