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2020 R3 3d Modelling No icons i any menus

Jacek W

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Hello Martin



I've tried all the possible options You pointed to Ragy and additional options discovered by Ragy although nothing changed, still icons not shown in any menus .

So it seems that the problem is located in other area. I really don't know what to do.





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Hi Jacek,

another thing you could try then would be to manipulate you ini file. Close PV*SOL, and locate this file here:

C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Valentin EnergieSoftware\PVSOL premium 2020\PVSOL.ini

Open this file in a text editor (notepad++ is a good one ;) ) and locate the line (near the end of the file)


Replace it with


save the file, and start PV*SOL again. For some customers, this works, so I hope this works for you as well..

Kind regards,


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