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  1. Dear Martin Good direction I've done changes in the row You pointed , and now icons are visible in the menu sections and 3d modelling is working although their shape is not optimal. Pls have a look at screenshot attached Regards Jacek
  2. Hello Martin I've tried all the possible options You pointed to Ragy and additional options discovered by Ragy although nothing changed, still icons not shown in any menus . So it seems that the problem is located in other area. I really don't know what to do. Regards Jacek
  3. Hi Strange things happening while I open 3D Modelling window - there is no icons in any section at all. In fact using 3d modelling is useless. Factory reset didn't solve the problem. Any advice ? Regards
  4. Hi I tried several times to import 3D object (3D mesh generated by pix4d mapper) in 2020 R2 realease and each time application crashed. In 2019 R14 everyting is fine an abjects (the same which causes crash in 2020 R2 ) are imported correctly. Any advice ?
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