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Bug - New 3D System - Map selection

Joao Prates

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PV*SOL premium 2019 (R14)


When creating a new 3D system from a map, the rotating tool arrows on the small tool box ribbon do not work, neither of them, Rotate Left or Rotate Right.

The zoom level on the other hand is quite aggressive, it would be nice to have at least the double number of steps while zooming in and out.



Video demonstration:


Don't know if this goes on time for the new release next week, but it would be nice to see it, even if on a patch level build afterwards.




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Hi Joao,

thank you for reporting this bug, it is already fixed in the next major release. Unfortunately the zoom level isn't something we can easily control as it is an integer value that is given to the various map APIs. There are no values possible between e.g. zoom level 16 and 17. At least not with the tool that we use to access the APIs at the moment.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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Glad to know about the fix, thanks.

About the map API, without being much of a priority comparing to other issues, it would be nice to have it reviewed or to use other tool.

Right now for a couple of projects of mine I had to take a google maps print screen at a more appropriate scale and then manually enter the scale on PVSOL.

This quite defeats the purpose of this feature having the maps right there.

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