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Lack of support from Valentin Software

Joao Prates

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Dear Sirs at Valentin Software,


Since December the 19th we have filled 5 support request via email address hotline@valentin-software.com, plus one NFR (New Feature Request).

Apart from the automated "Your inquiry has been received" reply, no other answer as came, except for a human "we'll look into it" for the first ticket.

I understand christmas and new year bank holidays took place meanwhile, but that's 3 days off at most, we're waiting for 2 full weeks now with ZERO feedback.

This is not the kind of technical support one expects from a software house selling its products at well over 1k Eur.


We just hit an issue that is blocking us from advancing in yield calculations: the shading simulation for the modules on one system is crashing all the time.

Let's hope you get this message from the forum and answer our requests soon.

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So all business are suppose to close doors before christmas and wait 3 weeks for support?

And I thought the damn southern countries were the ones who did no work at all, those lazy bastards...

Official bank holidays in Portugal, southern country, are December 25th and January 1st alone.

In Germany, central Europe, it is 24th, 25th December, plus 1st and 6th January, seems they like double rest time.

Even considering German holidays, I count 10 working days since we first reported the first issue on December 19th, and ZERO answers.

In my view a global international software company cannot just shut doors like this, it has responsibilities to its customers, it's unbelievable VS does this.

Companies around the world using their software do not stay home for 3 weeks on Christmas, they have projects and deadlines to meet.

I'm very disappointed to say the least.

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Dear João,

now we are back in the office with almost all team members, so you can expect the answers to your questions in the near future. Please understand that - although we are a company that sells software in nearly all countries of the world - we are not able to maintain full support over christmas and new year, simply because our team size is not large enough.

Thank you for your understanding and a happy new year to you nonetheless,


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  • 2 weeks later...

Just to update this thread:


Most of my queries sent to support via email were finally answered last friday, albeit without a positive result.

Was the wait worth it? No. The bottom line was:


me: bugs found - VS: no timeline to fix, workaround suggested just don't use it

me: lacking basic features - VS: perhaps they will appear on the next 3D version due in about 18 months from now

me: feature not working as advertised - VS: don't use that feature


One of the features was the main reason I bought PVSOL Premium, and I've seen more people on this forum asking about it, so I will open a new thread to explain it.

Hopefully this will prevent others from falling into the same trap.

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