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Dear Support,

is there a way ti simulate the following thing:

some PV plant producing 100 kWh per year (simple example) 

1.this is the consumption of this house is 75 kWh

2.25 kWh goes to the grid with FIT of 2 cent

3.and also sometimes i possible that the consumption will be covered by the grid also (at night)

can i make simulation that i will include in the finance report that will include all this 3 scenario=>3 different pricing 

1.price for house consumption from the pv plant

2.feed in tariff

3.price for electricity covered by the grid



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Hi Tim,

what you describe is a common use case for PV systems. You have a feed-in tariff that remunerates the energy that your system injects into the grid. You have a consumption tariff that you have to pay for every kWh that you draw from the grid. And then you have the "own consumption" when you can supply your electrical applications with the PV energy from your roof. Normally, the own consumption is free (and it should be, like you don't have to pay for the tomatoes that you grow in your garden), except for Germany, where you have to pay for that, too. But these are political discussions.

But for these reasons, you can also enter a fee (and also a remuneration) for own consumption in the tariffs:


In the results you then have all three assets:



You will also find these results in the project report.


Kind regards,



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