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Amperage clipping


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Dear PvSol,

I've got the following problem: From the hourly data I calculated that the system will produce 720 [A] (amps) at a certain time of the year. The dynamic poweroutput we have will clip power from 580 [A] and above. So everytime the solarpanels will produce over 580 amps, the poweroutput will be clipped which is produced by the inverter.

I manually calculated the percentage which is clipped over the year (above 580 amps) and came to a number of 1.5%. I want to know how it's possible to show/set those kind of parameters en get them projected in the projectsummary. Shouldn't it be possible to set parameter max amps somewhere? or is that already possible?

I've added my calculation for further explanations

I hope to hear from you soon, thanks

PVSOL max amperage clipping.csv

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Hi Jtebuck,

there are various kinds of clipping mechanisms in PV*SOL.

1) There are inverter clippings due to voltage, current or power limitations that take place directly in the inverter. You can see these effects in the results in the energy balance:


2) Then there are maximum power clippings that you can edit on the page "System Type, Climate and Grid" in the AC mains section:



I guess this option would be the best to suite your needs. The clipping threshold is set in % of the PV power installed on the DC side, so you would have to calculate the corresponding percentage beforehand.

Let me know if this is what you need.

Kind regards,



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