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Inverters: Should the Input current & Short circuit current values be multiplied by the number of inputs?


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Hi all,

Hoping someone can clear this up for me.

I came across the Livoltek Hyper-5000 inverter in PVSOL. However, I noticed the PV panels where easily exceeding the Current of the inverter. 

I notice that the Input current & Short circuit current values (in the 'Electrical data- DC' section) are the same as the values on the MPP inputs ('MPP Tracker' section).

However, should it not be the case that for the current values in the 'Electrical data - DC' section, the MPP current values are multiplied by the number of MPP trackers (in this case 2, as there are 2 inputs on this inverter).

Thus, this would make the Input current & Short circuit current values in the 'Electrical data - DC' section higher values, therefore the inverter can take higher levels of current. 

I have attached screen shots which may help.





Hyper-5000 screen shot 1.PNG

Hyper-5000 screen shot 2.PNG

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Hi Keith,

you are right, the max input current at inverter level should be the sum of the max input current values per MPP tracker. In the datasheet of the Hybrid-5000 it is stated that the 14 A are the max PV current. In total or per tracker? We don't know. It would be best if you contact the manufacturer and ask. 



When we divide the 5000 W by 360 V, we get a "nominal current" at inverter level of 13.9 A. So I personally doubt that the max current at inverter level is 14 A. I guess it is 28 A, whereas it is 14 A at MPP tracker level.

I will forward this to our database team as well so that they can have a look.

Kind regards,



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