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Automatic polystring configuration for multiple buildings design


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Hello everyone,

As we're evaluating the potential of using pvsol for our future projects we stumbled upon this issue in a very common use case:

The use case: Block of 140 flat consists of mainly 6 "variants", all of them have module area on both sides of the roof, something like the following picture:



The plan: Each building has its own inverter, with 2 mpps it can take both faces of the building.


The issue: Each side of the roof is considered a different installation area, thus creating a mess while trying to automatically configure inverters.



Trial 1: Combine each two areas of a building in one configuration, but, as you see, the list is not sorted intuitivly, thus making it non-trivial job to do for 140 building, even if done, it will still result in the 140 building each of them in its own system, thus 140 different systems, which makes it hard to procced with the results interpretation. so it doesn't work for us.


Trial 2: We laid out all buildings of same size then select all > configure together. Which kinda worked except: Each face of a single building is considered separate area, thus, can't be combined in one inverter per building. Inverter of 6 kW will cover the two faces as it has 2 MPP's, but the auto configuration can't work the situation out, as it still sees the two faces are different area. 


Trial 3: Used polystring to define one inverter for the two faces of the building. This worked, but its totally manual, and for 140 building its non-trivial task, especially that the list of areas are not sorted alphabetically, which is itself an issue while working on 140 building (280 areas)



Question 1: Is there a way to do the 140 building in one system consisting of 140 inverter each of them taking the 2 roof areas of the bulding?

Question 2: We would love to know the most elegant way to deal with such site with 140 buildings?



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Hello monam-issa

I'd start by creating the six different building types, for instance building type number 1 like this:



Then you should configure the whole building by selecting one module area by dragging a frame within the tab Module Configuration.


Right click the selection and Add to 'Define Module Areas' Dialogue:



Repeat with the second module area on the other side of the roof.
After those two areas where added to the dialogue, open it:



and Configure the two areas which you did add before:



Select the two areas and Configure module areas together:



Back to Terrain View you could right click on your configured building and make a Copy



for which you could select to also copy the configuration:



and drag the objects with the mouse from the building button:



You could continue by creating your six different buildings with different configurations and copy them likewise.
This way you have to configure every building type only once.



Depending on how many modules you do want to simulate at the same time it could be beneficial splitting it into several projects, though.

Kind regards


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