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Problem with PR


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Hello there,


I am trying to design a system using SMA Core 1 inverters in combination with Trina 270/275/280 panels to clear our remainders.

When I simulate the system there is no problems at all untill I open the "Performance Ratio (PR) per inverter" tab and notice the following.

Inverter 1: average PR of 45%

Inverter 2: N.A.N.

Inverter 3: average PR of 88%

Inverter 4: average PR 32%

Inverter 5: N.A.N.

(image added)


To me it feels there is something off with either the system I've configured or with the PV-sol itself in this case, 

Can anyone give me any pointers where to look and or how to deal with the situation?

Pv-sol img1.PNG

Pv-sol img2.PNG

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Hi Ries,

there was indeed an error in summing up the areas of the module surfaces that are connected to one inverter. Thank you for calling our attention to that. It happens in cases when not all modules from one module area are connected to one inverter. Actually a case that occurs not so seldomly, and it was correct in versions before 2019 R1, but we refactored parts of our code base where this bug came in. Again, thank you for finding this. We will release a bug fix in the next bugfix release - but not in the upcoming R6, since this is already on the way.

Kind regards,


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