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How to do curved roof?


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I haven't found any clear information or straightforward suggestions for how to do curved roofs on PVSol.

I saw one suggestion to make 2m wide single pitched roofs and join them together, but if the building is large or complicated, this option will take too long.

Another suggestion I received was to add attic layers to the pitch roof, but this doesn't work for me. Could someone please show me a step-by-step solution?

Screenshot attached - this is what happens when I add attic layers (it does not work for me!)

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Monika

For such a task I would not recommend PV*SOL, but a real CAD software.

After creating such a model you could automatically create module areas onto the object. They have to be flat:


After the automatic determination -- it works for simple surfaces like this -- you could start placing modules.




Does this help?

Kind regards

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Hello Frederik,

I don't have access to other software for making models.

I had access to one of the PVsol files where curved roof was created using PVsol only. I would like to find out easier solution rather than jumping from one software to another.


Many thanks.

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Hi Akvi_2,

thanks for your question. I understand, that it would be easier to create the building and the pv system in the same software. Fortunately, this is possible in PV*SOL for many building types. However for creating complex curved roofs PV*SOL is currently not very suitable, as Frederik pointed out before.

One possibility would be to use a free CAD program such as FreeCAD to create the building there and then import it into PV*SOL.

On 3/1/2024 at 4:30 PM, Akvi_2 said:

I had access to one of the PVsol files where curved roof was created using PVsol only.

May I ask which PV*SOL project you mean? If you mean our example project '3D Barrel Roof', you can find it on the PV*SOL start page on the right under 'Example Projects'. Perhaps you can also use this project as a template for your building.

Kind regards


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