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I have the same problem.

I think the problem is somewhere within the Photoplan application, or in a connection between it and the main application.
It takes main data from the photoplan itself, like quantity of modules and geometry properties (angle of the roof), but it does not transfer finished images to PVSol, so the Projekt.pdf is incorrect. 
Possibly an encoding problem of some sort (please check screenshot).

My current setup is Windows 11 Home, system language is "Deutschland (Germany)"
Last year i had same issue before in versions 2022, but with other system language. Changing it to "Deutschland (Germany)" makes everything work.


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Hi Ihor Kruhlov,

thank you for reporting this problem. You are right, there are some problems with the characters "ä, ü, ö and ß" in Photoplan. We are working on a solution to fix this issue.

For now, the problem can be avoided if "ä, ü, ö and ß" are not used. This is the easiest way.
Another way, which should work on most PCs (but includes a reboot of your PC) is to change the Windows "Region Settings" to German or English. Here is an instruction to change the Region Settings:

1) Please press the Windows Key and type "intl.cpl" into the Windows search bar and click on "intl.cpl Control panel item" to open the "Region" dialog.

2) Next, click on the "Administrative" tab and then on "Change system local".

3) Finlay in the "Region Settings" dialog, please change the language to English (UK or US) or "German (Germany)". After the change you have to reboot your PC. 

Kind regards  

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