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Modelled Irradiation

Justin McMillan

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Hi Justin,

unfortunately there is no such "best" answer when it comes to irradiation, especially to the irradiation on the inclined plane. But I would recommend you to have a look at our help pages first to see how these models all connect (probably you are already aware of that):


Then, in order to estimate the quality of the combination of the Hofmann model (for diffuse irradiation) and Hay & Davies (for the tilted plane) I would recommend these two papers which we published some years ago:

The first one explains the Hofmann (my) model, and also validates it for 28 locations worldwide, 2 of which are in UK (Camborne and Lerwick)


The second one uses a bunch of irradiation models and combines them together, for different time resolutions as well (as the models behave very differently when using one hour or one minute time steps)


The outcome of this is that the combination of Hofmann and Hay&Davies can be considered as the most "trustworthy". But we (the community in general) do not have much measurement data for the irradiation on the tilted plane, so the validation is difficult there.

For Hannover, Germany and Boulder, USA we made a study that searched for the "best" model for the tilted plane:


Another very interesting study on that topic, but again without measurement data from UK is this one from Dazhi Yang:



And, finally, a good study that examines various diffuse models, espacially for UK (unfortunately the Hofmann model was not included, BRL wins):



Kind regards,


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