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Hello, in my case I find it difficult to add some batteries due to what I believe is a lack of relevant information in the datasheets given by the manufacturers. For example the Deye SE-G5.1 Pro-B battery. I am attaching the datasheet, to see if anyone can help me. I can't see where to get data such as Cell voltage, Number of cells in series, Number of lines, Internal resistance in mOhm, Self-discharge in %/month, Discharge curve in hours vs capacity in Ah and Depth of discharge (DoD) curve in % vs Discharge cycles.

4319-datasheet-a-lv-3u battery se-g5.1 pro-b v2.1 (1).pdf

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Hello Heymo

On 4/26/2024 at 9:55 AM, Heymo said:

I can't see where to get data such as Cell voltage

Typical cell voltage for LiFePo4 material is 3.2V, so there are 16 cells connected in series. Internal resistance should be something between 5...10mOhm. Number of lines could be 1. A god starting point for Self-discharge could be 2...3% per month. For the discharge curve you could look up similar batteries. This has its origin in lead-acid batteries where higher discharge currents result in greatly reduced capacities. This effect should be probably way smaller. You could start with the only information of above 6,000 cycles for C-Rates of 0.5 (charge and discharge).

Does this help in any way?

Kind regards

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Thank you for your response. I will try to generate the information with the little data available and the suggestions you give me. In any case, it would be nice if Valentin decided to include these batteries in the PVSol database.

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