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Difference between electricity sold to third party and feed-in tariff

Asger Kappel Skau

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I have some questions about the finacial analysis in PVsol premium i hope someone can answer. 

I have a case with a privat house consumption with PV on the roof. It is connected to both the grid and the PV. The PV should go to the consumpion first if possible. 

Just to be sure i understand it correct, the "from-grid tariff" is used to modify the savings on the electricity used directly from the PV, right? See attached pricture where i have modified different tariff periods?

The excess electricity produced is sold to the grid for the spot price and nothing more. Can i just type in a price in "Proce pf electricity sold to third party" Or should i use the feed-i tariffs, i get slightly different values. if i only achieve the spot price, which one should i choose. see picture two. see picture three for energy flow. 

hope someone can help. 

BR Asger 

Skærmbillede 2023-10-12 092709.png

Skærmbillede 2023-10-12 092724.png

Skærmbillede 2023-10-12 094951.png

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Hi Asgar Kappel Skau,

when you have a normal PV system that is connected to the grid, and the house consumption also connected to the grid, you can just choose a from-grid tariff and a feed-in tariff. You don't have to modify the tariffs.

The PV energy that is generated is first used by the consumption in the house. If there is more PV energy than consumption, the rest of the PV energy is fed into the grid and you get paid for that with the price per kWh that is defined in the feed-in tariff. If there is more consumption than PV energy, the rest of the consumption energy has to be covered by the grid, and you will have to pay for it according to the from-grid tariff.

"The price of electricity sold to third party" is something else that doesn't matter here in your case. It is only applicable if you have no tariff selected or if the selected tariff is not valid anymore. See here for more details:

Hope that helps, best regards,


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