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Battery Simulation


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I want to simulate the 2000 kWh battery, and the maximum percentage of PV energy must be for own consumption. Why is this not covering the load demand?

Please, can you explain to me what the number of battery systems is? For the Tricera battery (368 kW/384 kWh), the actual number of battery systems needed is 6. But with one battery system, the output is 368 kW/144.5 kWh(as per datasheet), as attached in the snapshot. To fulfil my requirements, I have to take 14 battery systems with 5152 kW/2023 kWh. Is there an error?



with 14 battery system.png

with one battery system.png

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Hi Kashyap,

I had a look at the datasheets of the three products that Tricera Energy is offering currently:

  1. Utility-scale battery energy storage solutions 

    > 2 MWhUtility-scale battery energy storage solutions

    Flex100e: The Industrial battery energy storage systems indoor

  2. Flex400e: The Industrial battery energy storage systems outdoor

  3. The Utility-scale battery energy storage solution

The Flex100e has a usable battery energy of around 90 kWh, the Flex400e has 353 kWh and the large one can have up to 3.6 MWh. So from those numbers I would guess that the Flex400e has four times more battery cells than the Flex100e (4 * 90 kWh = 360 kWh). And the large system can have up to 40 times more battery cells (40 * 90 kWh = 3600 kWh).

The Tricera Flex100e in our database has 16 batteries per string and a usable battery energy of 83.4 kWh (a bit less than in the datasheet, since we only count the energy from the minimum to the maximum SOC).


So the Flex400e (not in our database) should have 16*4=64 of those batteries, wheres as the largest system should have 16*40=640 batteries.

Hope that clarifies the matter a bit. Best regards,


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