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3D Models and alignment planes

Stefan Müller

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i'm relatively new and on my way to do PV planning professionally. I thougt i'd try a a 3D photogrammetry aproach to do the planning in a way like 

  1. create a bunch of serial photos via drone (DJI Mini 2 in my case) of the object
  2. use Agisoft Metashape (or Pix 4D) to build a textured mesh
  3. export the OBJ and use it in PVSol Pro  
  4. get an awsome looking model for the offer 😅

Reason for this is that im located more on the countryside, Google Image quality is typically pretty bad, and most of older houses have no plan available. And if you calibrate the model with some known distances the accuracy of the 3D model is very good. 1-2cm detail is no problem....  Aside the problem i face the workflow is quick, it would great to plan projects this way in my opinion.

All nice and shiny... but heres is my problem i can't get around in the moment:

Often after import the model looks good, but i think the alignment of the axes is off a bit?? (at least thats what i think 😄) Pls see the *Alignment* pic ... When i place a module it's rotated somewhat. And i have no idea if i could tweak that.

Has anybody been on that path and some good tips?


Any help would be greatly apreciated,

tnx Stefan



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Hello Stefan Müller

On 8/14/2023 at 3:58 PM, Stefan Müller said:

Has anybody been on that path and some good tips?

Thank you for reporting this! Unfortunately this seemed to degenerate during the last two to three version of PV*SOL.

As a workaround you could create mounting systems with a flat angle which can be turned into the right direction.
Although this is a bit cumbersome, it works.

Kind regards

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lol, regarding the mounting system "workaround" ... i tried the same thing yesterday evening. Yes, it is not pretty, but i guess i could work with that.

If normal modules could also snap to a reference line like the mounting system, i think that would solve this issues nicely.


The problem has very likely to do with how the axis alignments are set in the 3D model, in the sample from above the single module seems to be skewed exactly as the X axis.....


tnx for the input 🙂




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