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Swimming pool solar energy contribution


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 Dear T-SOL.

 Kindly be informed that during our design for swimming pools calculation of solar system using T-SOL we are founding one thing is not clear for me,it is when i make calculation for two pools same dimension  one indoor and the other is indoor . if i fixed the same number of collectors for both pools i will find the generated heat (KW.h) for indoor pool is more than the outdoor .

 My question is when we heat from the source (solar collectors) what ever the using indoor or out door we must find the same generated  power (KW.h ) what i gain from the sun it will heat the water pools. although the thermal losses is out door is more than the indoor and , i understand the percentage of generated power in indoor pool is more than outdoor because the auxiliary in out door is more . BUT THE GENERATED POWER MUST BE SAME IF THE SAME COLLECTORS .

 Kindly to clarify , i hope what i asked is clear for you.





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Dear Belal,

which value in the results exactly do you mean with the generated power of the collectors? If you mean the "Energy delivered by collectors" then it can be different even if you have the same number of the collectors because the delivered energy depend on the energy demand of your pool. If the demand is higher then the collectors have to or can deliver more energy.

The energy demand of the swimming pool depend on the defined parameters, e.g water temperature..., and the different losses:

  • evaporation losses
  • convection losses
  • transmission losses
  • radiation losses

Then of cource you gain some energy due to the irradiation from the sun.

Best regards


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