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  1. Dear T-SOL. Kindly be informed that during our design for swimming pools calculation of solar system using T-SOL we are founding one thing is not clear for me,it is when i make calculation for two pools same dimension one indoor and the other is indoor . if i fixed the same number of collectors for both pools i will find the generated heat (KW.h) for indoor pool is more than the outdoor . My question is when we heat from the source (solar collectors) what ever the using indoor or out door we must find the same generated power (KW.h ) what i gain from the sun it will heat the water pools. although the thermal losses is out door is more than the indoor and , i understand the percentage of generated power in indoor pool is more than outdoor because the auxiliary in out door is more . BUT THE GENERATED POWER MUST BE SAME IF THE SAME COLLECTORS . Kindly to clarify , i hope what i asked is clear for you. Belal
  2. Belal

    Electricity saving

    Dear T sole. Further to above would you please provide me the equation of Electricity saving. how we find it. Regards. Belal
  3. Belal

    Electricity saving

    Dear T-Sole. Thank you for your reply. 1- A1 or A2 in all system i find electricity saving even in swimming pools not just in DHW . 2-The additional heating heater for DHW or pool is electrical. i am talking in general ,every report i find electricity saving more that solar contribution, it almost more than the solar contribution around 20%. Based on your justification above due to the efficiency of the electrical heater ,i think electricity saving 20 % still is more than the losses and efficiency difference between solar contribution and electricity saving. thank you to provide me more clarification. Belal
  4. Belal

    Electricity saving

    Dear T-sol Kindly i need your clarification regarding the meaning of electricity saving , how you calculate it?>
  5. Belal

    Electricity saving

    Reference to above, my question is regarding DHW and swimming pool systems. kindly find below cut sheet image attached from one report : Solar energy contribution to DHW is 60974.75 Kw.h Energy from Auxiliary heating is 16577.4 Kw.h Electricity saving is 64010,0 Kw.h As i understand Electricity saving =Solar energy contribution - Energy from Auxiliary heating Electricity saving =60974.75-16577.4 Electricity saving=44397.35 Kw.h not 64010,0 Kw.h thank you
  6. Belal

    Electricity saving

    Dear T-Sole My question is: in your report there is electricity saving more than solar contribution, so how i will save than i gain? can you clarify please because it seems there is something is not clear for me. as i understand if i gain for example from the sun 100,000 Kw.h /year then i will save 100,000 Kw.h /year in electricity or there is difference between solar and electricity Kw.h? Thank you to clarify that. Belal
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