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Hi grlnat,

the 180 kWp is the so called peak power, measured at Standard Test Conditions (STC). The conditions are 1000 W/m² irradiance, 25 °C module temperature and and air mass of 1.5 (but that is not important here). That means, if your modules receive 1000 W/m² of irradiance and have 25°C module temperature, they will output 180 kWp. Accordingly, if the irradiance is lower or higher, the output of the modules will be less or more that the 180 kWp.

The irradiance varies greatly during the year and during day. And of course, clouds can have a very strog influence on the irradiance. Clouds can even reflect parts of the sun rays, leading to so called irradiance enhancements. In those situations, the irradiance values can go far beyond their typical values. So, in a usual continental climate it is common to have irradiance values from 0 to 1300 W/m². That is of course, if you look at the values in one-minute resolution.


Hope that helps, kind regards,


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