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Is this an error? How can I solve it?


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Hi Martin,

unfortunately your answer is not helpful. My question was:

If I have 12 strings (technic just 12*2 connectors) How is possible to calculate 13 or more without any label that is necessary to make aditional activities. And by the way, all is proposed to be connected in series, the connector that you propose is useless if the system offer only the solution for connection in series!


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Hi Codrin,

thank you for clarifying your question. The number of strings in the configuration section is independent from the number of DC inputs of the inverter. When you connect two strings (=parallel strings) to two DC inputs on one tracker, they are combined inside the inverter. If you combine them outside of the inverter using whatever connector you want, you get the same results.

If in PV*SOL you read 3 strings x 14 modules in series, it means that you have three parallel strings of 14 modules each. If you have two DC inputs per tracker and you want to connect three strings, you'll have to use at least one connector (like the Y connector shown above) outside of the inverter.

But you are right, we could give a notice to the user that the total number of strings is exceeding the number of DC inputs. Thanks for pointing that out.

Kind regards,


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Dear Martin,

thank you for your prompt response.

I understand the logic of this type of connection, but when I put 3 strings in parallel I am pretty sure that I will have problems with the current value. I will check my configuration and I will return with example.

Even for panels ~400W, the current will be ~3*12A=36Amp quite enough over max MPPT current.

Any way, If I will met this again I will return with example. In the meantime I will be careful with configuration. 

Thank You.

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