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Estimatet Active power // Eeast/West configuration

Kristoffer Hagen

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Is it possible to read out the maximum estimated production in kW (Active power) or maximum current, from PVsol?.

The oversizing tool in "config check" is based on the installed PV Genrator in kWP divided by 
the nominal active power of the inverter, according to my understanding?

What I am looking for is to be able to make good assessments with regard to 
oversizing inverters in east/west configurations.

You will never reach peak production in such a plant.

is there a rule of thumb for percentage oversizing?

additional info, I use a lot of growatt inverters.

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Hi Kristoffer,

sorry for the late reply, we somehow overlooked your question.

The real output of your system really depends on a lot of factors. You can see the resulting output power over time om the results page, section "diagram editor", then time series or Carpet Plot. Just choose the series you want to see, e.g. "Energy at Inverter Input" and "PV energy (AC) minus standby use" (don't be irritated by the wording, the word "energy" is used because we use the texts mainly for results where energy values are displayed):


You then get a time series plot like this:


Or for the whole year:


Or, as a CarpetPlot:


Hope that helps, kind regards,



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