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Electricity saving


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 Dear T-Sole


 My question is: in your report there is electricity saving more than solar contribution, so how i will save than i gain?

can you clarify please because it seems there is something is not clear for me.

as i understand if i gain for example from the sun 100,000 Kw.h /year then i will save 100,000 Kw.h /year in electricity  or there is difference between solar and electricity Kw.h?


Thank you to clarify that.



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Reference to above, my question is regarding DHW and swimming pool systems. kindly find below cut sheet image attached from one report :

Solar energy contribution to DHW is 60974.75 Kw.h

Energy from Auxiliary  heating is 16577.4 Kw.h

Electricity saving is  64010,0 Kw.h

As i understand Electricity saving =Solar energy contribution - Energy from Auxiliary  heating

Electricity saving =60974.75-16577.4

Electricity saving=44397.35 Kw.h  not 64010,0 Kw.h

thank  you



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Hello Belal,

sorry for the delayed answer. We had Easter holidays in Germany.

Would you please give me further details?

1. What kind of system did you select (A1, A2, ...)?

2. What did you select as additional heating (boiler, gas, oil, ...)?


The savings are not calculated one to one in relation to the solar gain.
If you have a gas boiler for example, you have to take the effieciency
of the boiler into account (around 80 to 90%). That means that the
savings in Kilowatthours for the specific fuel is higher than the
Kilowatthours of the solar energy contribution.

Kind regards

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Dear T-Sole.

 Thank  you for your reply.

1- A1 or A2  in all system i find electricity saving even in swimming pools not just in DHW .

2-The additional heating heater for DHW or pool is electrical.

i am talking in general ,every report i find electricity saving more that solar contribution, it almost more than the  solar contribution around 20%.

Based on your justification above due to the efficiency of the electrical heater ,i think electricity saving 20 %  still is more than the losses and efficiency difference between solar contribution and electricity saving.


thank you to provide me more clarification.


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Hi Belal,

I had a deeper look at our algorithms. The energy savings are calculated with the efficiency of the boiler. Please double click on the boiler (even if you don't use it in your simulation) and set the efficiencies all on 100 %. After this the savings equal exactly the solar contribution. There is a second way I describe below.

It is inconsistent that the heating element doesn't have it's own efficiency. I issued a bug entry in our tracking system.


The equation for the calculation of the energy savings is equal for all fuels:

            savings = solar contribution / efficiency / heating value


1. Either the efficiency of the boiler as described above or

2. the "Annual efficiency of the reference system" as defined on the tab "Savings" at the parameter dialog of the system (double click on a free area in the picture). 

#2 (if enabled) has precedence over the boiler efficiency.

heating value: For electricity it is 1 by definition.


Kind regards

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