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import climate file

Josefine Holmgren

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Hi Josephine,

you should be able to find it in the list of climate data locations on the page "System type, climate and grid":


But I think you have already looked for it there. Sometimes it can happen that a custom climate data set is assigned to the wrong country, since we use the location coordinates (latitude and longitude) for that. So first you'll have to check that your coordinates are right, i.e. corresponding to this post - and mind the negative longitude:

Then, if you are sure that the coordinates are correct, and the software is still not assigning the country correctly, you can add the three-letter country code with a semicolon after the location name:

Skjetlein; SWE

4.2	0.0	2.0	69.0
2.9	0.0	1.7	77.4
1.7	0.0	0.2	84.4
1.4	0.0	0.0	87.8
1.3	0.0	0.2	91.0
1.0	0.0	1.4	92.7


Hope that helps, kind regards,


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I have tried to import the following  climate file with this header:

Aachenkoln;    DEU

Ta    Gh    FF    RH
-2.1    0.0    1.5    85.0
-2.1    0.0    1.5    85.0
-5.3    0.0    3.1    87.0

into PV*Sol premium 2018 (R5), but i can not find it in the location list for germany




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