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feed in power clipping

Dina Mosallem

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Hi Dina,

the max feed in power clipping is to limit the output power (not energy) of your PV system on the AC side. In some countries or in some contexts this is a technical requirement or necessary to receive governmental aid. In Germany, for example, we had to limit the AC power of our PV systems to 70% of the nominal DC power of the PV generators in order to receive financial governmental aid for battery storage systems.

The Maximum Feed-in Power Clipping value is always set in relation to your connected nominal DC power. If you have e.g. 5 kWp of PV panels connected to a 4.5 kW inverter, and you would set the Maximum Feed-in Power Clipping to 70%, the maximum output power of the inverter on the AC side would be 0.7 * 5 = 3.5 kW. This means that only when the AC power exceeds this value, clipping of the power will occur.

Now, if you also have electrical appliances or storage systems in your system, you can choose where the clipping of the power will occur. If the clipping is applied to the inverter output, the AC power will be cut at 3.5 kW whenever the power surpasses this threshold. If you set it to the feed-in point, the power will not be clipped immediately after the inverter, so that possible loads or storage demands can be covered first. If the power that is fed into the grid is still exceeding the 3.5 kW after covering load and storage, it will be clipped.

I hope this helps. Regarding the IV curves, please have a look here:


Kind regards,


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