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Questions about shadow from snow and setting of soiling


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  Questions about shadow from snow and setting of soiling

We will make a calculation for a customer in Norway. Your engineer has described these figures for soiling throughout the year.


The reason for the high numbers for December, January, February and March is due to snow covering the panels. It is correct. But my question is whether the PV-SOL Premium 2017 - latest version does not take this into account when calculating production with information from the address in MeteoSyn. So, from the climate data, should the program know that there is snow on the panels in the winter? Or do you have to write shadow from snow as soiling as the engineer believes, to get the right production calculation, or is it only nessesary in other calculation programs?

Thank you in advance for your help and your response.

Solcellekonsulenten - Denmark :-)



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Hi Solcellekonsulenten,

thanks a lot for your question. Unfortunately, I can not see the image or the figure that you posted..

But apart from that, we do not calculate with information on snowfall or any other precipitation from the climate data provided via MeteoSyn (which is based on MeteoNorm from Meteotest, Switzerland). So the engineer has to estimate the losses due to snow coverage as well as soiling losses and enter these values in PV*SOL.

I think in the future we will be able to provide such a snow model that estimates the snow cover on the modules based on ambient temperature, precipitation, module angle, framing and mounting and so on. We already collected some of these models, but we need to validate them first and for that we need good measurement data and time.

Kind regards,


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