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Hi all,
I´m getting the following error screen for a good part of my projects. After I click OK, I get another message saying "The file C:xxxxxxx cannot be opened".
I have gone to the folders that appear on the error screen and I have seen that each time I try to open a saved file PVSol creates a temporary folder with a random number on my system, and for the ones that I cannot open theses folders are empty, while for the ones that I can open a number of files are created, including the "Project.xml" mentioned in the error.
Does anyone know how can I fix this?

Diego Hilgert

PVSol Error.JPG

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Hi Diego,

I can open the project without any problems. So there must be something that prevents write access to the temporary folders. You could check for example of you have an antivirus software running that prevents PV*SOL from writing to these folders. Or your disc might be full? You could also try to close PV*SOL, go to the temporary folder, in your case C:\Users\diego_000\AppData\Local\Temp\Valentin EnergieSoftware\PVSOL premium 2017) and delete all the randomly numbered folders in there.

Hope that helps in solving the problem, kind regards,


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Hi Martin,


I have tried yous suggestions, my disk is not full, I have deleted the temporary folders and deactivated my antivirus, but none of this worked.


The file that I sent you before I could manage to open it here by going to it´s folder and opening it, but if I try to open it with the PVSol already open using "open project" it shows the same error that I sent you before. Anyways, the file that I really need to open is more than 5 MB and I cannot send it to you here (there is a 5mb limit), is there any other way I can send it to you? I have installed PVSol in another computer and this specific file did not open in this other computer too.





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