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3D extraction, complex roof creation


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Pvsol premium 2017 R7

Can you please help me how can i crate a complex roof from a cad drawing that i have attached below?


During the 3D rextrtaction the software does not recognise this roof strucutre, even if use extra poly lines to mark the top part of the half hipped roof.

If i extract just some part of of the roof sections then the software recognise the roof strucutre properly, however i have stand alone buildings that case which are just standing next to each other. I was happy with this trick untill i reached the roof section marked with red circles. These junctions  i was unable to create. All roof section has a 30 degree pich, and the complete roof sits on 2,5 meter tall bulding which is an even base surface for the roof.

I've  tried to use this tutorial video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13X7D5jLaCc&t=629s 58a8c8da95134_rooftilt.JPG.1753155b41d3f0a8dfeeca0b541f9964.JPG

but the print screen and the reference edge setting above is usefull only for flat roofs. The next slide below mentiones free transformation if we set no selection, but it does not work for me to create half hipped roof structure. Please help!

Is there any simple way to create this roof?


As a  software improwment, i have the following idea:

Basically  it would be quite easy to create this roof if the software would have such a feature to set the singular point's 3D coordinates, like:pozition  point" A"   x,y and the height of the point:  for instance 2,4 meter, pozition point "B" x, y, and height ect. for all points, then the calculation and recognision would be hopefully easy done.

Maybe another option would be to enter the coordinates (x,y,z) for  point "A" , "B"  and enter the relevant roof picth angle. Practically all roof's lowest point's coordinates and roof pich angle can be identified easily if we are working from CAD drawing, so the software could be draw a roof plane according to all  the entered coordinates and at the end    calculate the intersersections of the roof planes and trim them  to finalize the roof.

I hope it may help for sw developers as a feedback.

Thank you so much in advance,



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Hello Din,

unfortunately we have not implemented any automatisms in the program for such complex roof structures.
The first part has already been done right. The simple parts you can extract using a scetched polygon section as ridge. (You see that here: https://youtu.be/69xE3TgZo9c?t=3m3s)
For the more complex sections, you unfortunately have no choice but to extract them as individual arbitrary buldings and enter the eaves height and the inclination of the roof individually. If all this has been done correctly, the top edges of the roof surfaces automatically result the ridges.

I hope I will find time to make a tutorial for that case soon.
We're currently working on importing mesh data from programs like AutoCAD and Sketchup. But that still takes a while.

I hope this answer helps you.

Many greetings

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