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Battery discharge schedules


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Is there any chance you are working on further developing the  battery discharge/utilisation modes?  When we simulate systems with a time-of-use tariff we would like to "program" the battery to discharge over expensive tariff periods as a priority in order to best capitalise on the stored electricity. 

Also, are there plans to improve the charging strategies to enable from-grid (AC) charging?  Most battery systems we install have this feature and we would like to set AC charging in the winter during the off-peak tariff in the software simulation.

Many thanks!

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Dear sunlightfuture,

Thank you for your suggestions! We will take both ideas on our list for the next release planning. Right now we are not working on fine tuning the battery cahrge/discharge scheduling mechanisms, but I think that your ideas make perfectly sense and we should consider them for the future.

So, what you would need is

  • an option to restrict the battery discharge to a specific period of time
  • an option to restrict the grid charge to a specific period of time

Is that correct? Or would you need other/more options?

Kind regards,


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Dear Martin,

Many thanks for such a positive reply!  Yes, I think you've distilled it down to what we would hope to see.  


• an option to restrict the battery discharge to a specific period of time

Exactly.  I have attached the technical notes from SMA and SolarEdge which give examples of how manufacturers are allowing this functionality to be configured.  Whilst we don't expect PVSol to replicate this functionality fully, initially having a facility to at least load shift from the defined peak hours would be fantastic.



• an option to restrict the grid charge to a specific period of time

Yes - the from-grid tariff in PV Sol already gives us the ability to set the From-grid Tariff periods, so I would expect we should be able to simply assign from-grid charging hours to these and schedule which months in the year this mode should apply.  Normally we would never program from-grid charging during the sunnier months as it would significantly reduce the battery's capacity for storing the surplus energy from the solar PV array.

Kind regards,


SMA SmartHome_Time-of-use-TI-en-10.pdf


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