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Selecting Perfect Module Orientation


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I have a question regarding the usage of PVSol.

The problem I am having is that once I have built a model of the building, using the Google Earth screenshot, then the "Sketch a 3D polygon" tool in the Object View, and extruded the building, placed various air-conditioning ducts on the roof using "Sketch a 3D polygon" - I then struggle greatly to properly orientate a module array either in module coverage or module mounting.

For instance, once I have followed the steps above and am ready to place the array, (- Module Mounting - Select/edit Assembly System - Orientation), the final orientation selection is, at the moment for me, arbitrary and requires multiple guesses. It is difficult to understand what the "Orientation to Mounting Surface" value should be, because the mounting surface (roof) of the building has an unknown orientation. For instance, if I click "Calculate" in the orientation pane, it says the orientation of the mounting surface is 180.1 degrees, but looking at the compass points on the wider view (birds eye view above the building) does not correlate to the roof being orientated at 180 degrees. I've attached a screenshot to show where North is. At the moment I have to guess the orientation, place the array, delete it, guess again, place the array, delete it, etc.

Is there a way to accurately and quickly calculate the correct orientation (depending on obstructions on the roof surface) for a module array?

Thanks for your time.


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Hello LiamMay,


yes this is a known issue. It will be fixed in Version 2017 coming at the end of October.

In the meantime you could extrude a "Fireproof Wall" at the edge you are interested in. (see Screenshot1 post-46-0-68080100-1472727386_thumb.jpg)

A fireproof wall has an absolute orientation. You could use this value to orientate the module row equally. (see Screenshot2 post-46-0-67214800-1472727397_thumb.jpg).


You have to do this accurate and it works. ;)

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