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3d import model problem


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I just made a 3d model, in agisoft, export it into blender, and finally i'm export it at .obj file and import into PvSol. After import, it looks like no textures (white building) this is my first problem.

My secound is i can't put modules on the roof. What to do to prevent the modules from going under the roof?

All on the screen.


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Hi liszo

On 2/10/2023 at 9:16 AM, liszo said:

I cant put it on the roof, cause it comes under roof...

This generally can happen since the imported 3D models do not seem to have plane roofs.
PV*SOL is not able to flatten out uneven planes.

The best way to prevent something like this is to correct your model with a proper 3D software like https://www.blender.org/

Additionally you will benefit from less vertices which speeds up simulation.

On 2/10/2023 at 9:36 PM, liszo said:

can i export a ready file with my 3d model ready panels on it into .obj file?

Do you mean an export from PV*SOL? Unfortunately this is not possible.

Kind regards

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Gentlemen, if your software is still in early alpha, please don't make me pay hundreds of dollars for it...
I'm furious because I spent a few hours on the project in your refined program and after loading the file from the save I noticed this...

It's very annoying that I had to create an account on your forum, otherwise I won't be able to work... Every time something goes wrong in your program...

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Hi liszo,

32 minutes ago, liszo said:

Every time something goes wrong in your program...

I am very sorry for this inconvenience and the issues with our program.

I informed my colleagues from customer support. Please get in contact with your project file (or project files if you have several versions), 3d model and your customer number via hotline@valentin-software.com

Regarding your attached screenshot: Did you try to rotate the building after module placement?

Kind regards,


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Hi Frederik,

No I don't think he has rotated the building, this has happend to me also a lot of times (and it kills the humor for the day...).
I have noted it tends to happen when you accidentely shift or move the "scetched mounting surface".

I would also really wish that there is a good sollution for this issue!

My trick now is to work slowly and save after almost every step if you have a roof with lots of surfaces you want to use.
Keeping the 3D model and triangles within reason also seems to help.

All in all you can notice that the core of the program is not really suited for these kinds of models...

Greetz Johan

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Regarding your attached screenshot: Did you try to rotate the building after module placement?

You mean change of orientation? Yes, I did it and nothing happend

If you're asking if that was the reason, then no, I didn't touch anything, everything was ok, I screwed up the inverter and the panels, I closed the whole project. I opened it again to make small corrections and this is what I found...

I was doing a save every step because I haven't been working with this program since yesterday, but all versions of the saves are the same!

This morning, when I opened the project for the first time since Friday, everything was fine..



This is what the project looked like this morning....

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Sorry, I misspoke, my English is not very good. On Friday I started the project, saved it and didn't open it over the weekend. This morning (Monday) I come to work and want to finish the project. I opened it and everything was fine, so I got to work. After a few hours today I closed the modeling to check the yields, when I opened the modeling again to make minor adjustments, my whole project looks like the attached picture.


Good that it worked out!


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