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Heating Energy Requirements


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This is a small question, and if there's some place I could have been looking (documentation?) for the answer instead of bothering folks on here please do let me know.

I'm trying to model a system that uses solar thermal for space heating as well as domestic hot water.  I'm currently trying to do this using design A3.2 (DHW system with heating buffer tank and external heat exchanger).  I clicked on the design assistant.  I click on the definition of consumers tab on the left.  Then I click on the space-heating...lets call it a sub-tab under where it says "definition of consumers".  There's a check-box where it asks if the space heating energy requirement is known, and I click on the check mark because yes, it is.  The bottom box asks for heating energy requirements, in this case in BTU/hr. 

That's where I'm unclear.  What is the context of this?  Is this my average heating requirement for the whole year, expressed as kBTU/hr?  Is it my peak heating energy requirement on the worst day of the year?  Is it the average requirement for the worst month of the year? 

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our software is originally in German, so the translation may be not perfect.

What is meant is the maximum heating requirement on the coldest day of the year.

In Germany, Berlin, for example this is -14 °C.


On the dialogue "Climate" you have a field called "Standard outside temperature", which is the according temperature.

Kind regards

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