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Battery System Query


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Hello there, can you explain why this is happening please....

My generated graph for jjune PV generation is circa  17000kWh, 10000kWh is own consumption and say 7000kWh is grid feed in.
This shows only 10000kWh of the consumption is covered by PV battery in yet in June above we have 17000 being generated so why do we need say 1500kWh covered by grid?

Also can you tell me why is there no grey coloumn for standby consumption in the Coverage graph?





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Hi Craig,

this is due to the simultaneity of PV generation and consumption. In addition, the battery storage is limited in its capacity and connected load. Thus, there may always be situations in which the consumers cannot be supplied by the PV or the storage and energy must be drawn from the grid. In order to better understand these effects, I would recommend to have a look at the hourly data (the time series graph in the Diagram Editor). There you can see for every hour (or minute), how much your PV system is producing, how much the loads consume, how full your storage is and so on. In this manner you can get a better understand of the system behaviour.

Hope that helps, kind regards,


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