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Use Of Dc Combiners For Single Input Inverters


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Good day

I need some help with the use of DC combiners in order to construct inputs for single input inverters (eg SMA STP-60). The help menu suggests that you require the inverters to be selected before you can apply DB combiners, but how can you select the correct inverter if you cant create the single string input required for the inverter? ie STP 60 has one string input with one MPPT. If i have a 12 string system how do I combine them into one string without first selecting the inverter?


As an aside - can central inverters be modeled with PV sol? I would imagine that one would have a similar problem with modeling as above?


Thanks for the help. 

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Hello eafroggy,
in order to be able to connect multiple strings to one MPP, the module arrays have to have the same orientation, module type and so. But if that is ensured, you can combine them in the 3D environment when you add the module arrays to the 'Group Modules Dialog'. I made a short video on how to do that:


Kind regards,

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just a short update: In the meanwhile we fully overhauled the design and simulation of PV plants with varying module areas. You can now build any configuration you want with the new 'Polystring feature'. For example:

  • Two module areas on one MPP tracker
  • Different module types in one string
  • Parallel connection of strings with different number of modules
  • etc etc

It is available in PV*SOL premium 2018.



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