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Cabling On Pv Sol Premium

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Hello,  I designed a roof mounted solar  system and selected panels and inverters. When I reach to the cabling section sometimes the buttons are not active and all cabling is not shown. Sometimes the buttons are active and when I run "cable automatically" nothing happens. There are no cables shown on the panels. Is there something I missed during the configuration? How can I get this problem solved?




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Hello, I realized that when I try to add a coverable object with the 3D feature   (for example a flat roof building) and I then activate the building the coverable area becomes the roof and also the walls of the building. Clicking on the arrows I have the option to place panels on the roof but also then on the walls of the building. I believe that due to this I can't have the automatic cabling. Can you please assist me? Please let me know where I can send you some screenshots in order to give you a more clear idea of what is happening.


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Hi tommasocapietti,


If I understand your problem correctly, you want to use the 'cable plan' tool for mounted systems on a flat roof. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible. What you could do is designing your system in the 3D environment, save everything, go back to the main application and go to page 'cable'. There you can enter cabling details (material, cross section, length) for each string you have in your system, the AC side and protection devices as well.


Attached you'll find a project where I already entered some cabling details:

Flat roof with tilted mounting system.pvprj


Cabling in main application.png


Hope that helps,


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