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Non-Rectangular Base Of Buildings


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Hello, I have another problem with PVSOL Premium 2016 (R4).

I don’t know how to create in 3D a building with oblique horizontal projection. I mean a building which does not have the rectangular base.


The only way which I have found to do it is something like that :

  • place one rectangular building
  • place second rectangular building
  • turn off  obstacles detection of one of the two buildings
  • then try to “slip” one building into another

This is kind of solution but mapping the dimensions and shape of the object is very difficult.

But there is a more important problem, when You do like I described above then You will have two separate roof surfaces which are penetrating each other with diagonal edges.

This significantly hinders the placement of modules on the roof.


So I have two questions :


- Is there a more accurate and professional method, than I described above, to do make a building which does not have rectangular base ?


- Is there any method to unite two or more roof surfaces (or whole buildings) in order to use it as a one surface (Automatic placement of modules, the lack of boundaries between these surfaces) ?


I attach an example illustration of this problem.


I will be very grateful for your help, advice.




             Bartłomiej S.


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Ok, i found solution. You have to use "draw a polygon" tool and draw, more or less, a shape on the ground. Then you have to calculate coordinates (at You own way - outside a PVsol) of each vertex of the polygon, then insert these values to PVsol. Then right click on polygon and select  "extrude object"  In that way You can make any prism with poligon base.

But i have another question how to make a cylinder building with a circle base ?
Only way i have found (very tedious) is to make a poligon with many, many vertices then calculate their coordinates and put them to each vertex of the polygon - in that way you can make a prism with multi-polygon base which looks like a cylinder.

Is there another method to do that ?



             Bartłomiej S.

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Hello Bartłomiej,


I'm glad you already found the answer yourself. It is right, the best way to achieve this is to use the extrusion tool. There are also two videos explaining the functionality of this tool:




As for buildings with round footprints: At the moment the only way would be to draw the circle manually, point by point, as you proposed it.


Kind regards,


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