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Adding loads for other generators

Kris Wall

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The ability to add consumption data from .csv files provided by the customers energy provider is really useful. Simulating the site behaviour with solar generation and battery storage system using historic data from meters and weatherstation can be very informative when specifying a capacity for the battery storage.

However, now I am working on a project to add PV generation and battery storage where some of the site energy is provided by an existing wind turbine. I made all the values negative (to reflect that this is generation, not consumption) and converted the data from the wind turbine into half hour samples to match the format of the data provided by the meter operator.

I thought that the turbine generation could be simply added as a consumption profile along with the consumption data. Sadly, PVSol rejects the data because of the negative values.....

This is very disappointing as I deal with many (Hybrid) sites that have multiple forms of generation: wind, solar, biomass and CHP. Simulating site behavior is very important when customers are making financial decisions. Unfortunately, for the hybrid sites, I am unable to present any convincing data as I am unable to account for the energy from 'non solar' generators.

Surely, it would not be a major re-write to alter the PVSol code to allow negative consumption?

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Hi Kris,

thanks for your feedback and feature request. We do have that already on our list, and while you are right that we won't have to rewrite PV*SOL completely it is still not as trivial as it might seem in the first place. For now, I can't give an estimate for a possible release of that feature, I am afraid.

Kind regards,


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